75 Euros free for ADWORDS

The objective of the natural positioning is to obtain that the positioning of your Web improves in the finders, especially in Google.

If we obtained that you have more visits as a result of a better positioning, you will be able to reduce your budget in publicity and to dedicate it to other things…

It thinks or it decides what you need and/or contacts to us so that we can elaborate a customized budget to you.

In addition, now we have:

75€ free in a bond of ADWORDS for new accounts that you contract with us! 

From the 1 of October of 2012 the promotional coupons of Google will change to the following supply: “€ turns your first 25 into 100 €?. This means that you will be able to offer to your 75 clients € in gratuitous publicity, but only after the account of AdWords has spent 25 €.



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