Course SEO

Course SEO

We have created a new Web: We are going to condense in a course SEO with 10 months of videos (more extras) and explanations all the knowledge SEO and the best practices than we applied to our clients. The idea is that after receiving that formation, you can position you yourself and with our support if you wish it, your project in Internet.

Attention! , already you can score in this URL: and to accede free to the first video of the course, so that you become an idea than we are going to do. We hoped that you like!

Next I leave two Videos you on the thematic SEO, in the first place a small basic course with recommendations and tools and soon one more of marketing on our products…


 Photos of business

Secondly, we have created a package of services made up of SEO + SEM (publicity) + Photos of Google Business (provided by a photographer certificate, not by us) that provides all the tools to you that you need to increase your portfolio of clients and to secure more sales.
This package especially is thought for restaurants, stores of furniture, businesses with visibility to the public generally… If your business does not have those characteristics also you can take refuge in parts of the package…

As general note the SEO, ideally, begins Before the design Web, a dominion name and the structure of pages oriented to keywords is essential for a Web thought with SEO from the beginning… if it beams thus, you guarantee that soon the effort in SEO is much smaller. If in addition you add these new capacities, you will emphasize between the competition… You want to know the tariffs for the new photography business of Google? , You have it Here

So that we can help you, please, it contacts and we will elaborate customized budget to you according to your needs…


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